Be the One: Campaign Resources

Over the next two years, ACCCA’s primary goal is to add an additional 400 members, one colleague at a time, toward a goal of making ACCCA 1600 members strong.

Why? A bigger, better ACCCA means more connections, more opportunities, and more resources to enhance benefits and programs for YOU!

Our research tells us that many people make the choice to belong because someone shared their ACCCA story and inspired them.

Be the ONE! Invite a Colleague and Change a Career!

Each of us knows someone we can point to that had a huge impact on who we are as professionals. They may have influenced why you chose this profession. They may have helped you choose your current position. They may have offered key information or advice just when you needed it. These are the crucial encounters that help us become more successful—they are the connections which shape us.

Perhaps this person suggested you join ACCCA or you met them at Admin 101 or the Annual Conference. Maybe they served as a Mentor to you— however it the encounter happened, they are key players in your professional network. Now is the time for YOU to become “The One” who makes that difference for someone else. As we pay it forward, our coalition grows and becomes stronger one story at a time.

How YOU Can Support the Campaign to make ACCCA 1600 STRONG:

Invite a Colleague - Connect a colleague to ACCCA. Utilize the Recruiting Resources below for a helpful copy of the Membership Brochure, current event calendar, and links to join.

Make a Presentation - Are you a member of a professional organization whose members would benefit from ACCCA or a member of a management team on campus that meets regularly? These are ideal places to share your ACCCA story and invite colleagues. Below you’ll find talking points and a short PowerPoint to make it easy to present, or if you need assistance, just call ACCCA and we can visit your campus or assist with your presentation.

Share Your Story - Want to submit a video and tell your story? We have a list of topics and instructions for submitting your video so you can tell others who made the difference for you and how ACCCA has been part of your career development. Download the PDF instructions to submit your video.


Membership Brochure

Calendar of Key Events

Member Directory

PowerPoint Presentation

Why ACCCA? Talking Points

SASS benefits brochure

Interview Questions and submission instructions for telling your #MyACCCAstory


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