Regional Member Council

In order to establish a statewide connection between ACCCA and its current and potential members in the state, the ACCCA Board has authorized the establishment of the Regional Member Council [RMC]. 

The Regional Member Council is comprised of ten members representing each of the ten community college regions as designated by the Board of Directors.  The RMC represents the interests of ACCCA members at the campuses within their region and coordinates the activities and communications of the network of Campus Contacts in place at each campus.


The primary purpose of the Regional Member Council is to provide a conduit for two-way communication between ACCCA and its members and prospective members.  Information outgoing from ACCCA will be provided to each Council representative who will communicate it to the recognized “Campus Contact” at each campus or district office in their region. 

These communications may be in the form of announcements or alerts, membership information or invitations, outreach regarding programs or upcoming events, or polling questions to provide quick data on a particular subject or issue.

The secondary purpose of the RMC is to assist the Association through outreach and recruitment of new members through its campus contact network.  This includes convening meetings or conversations among the Campus Contacts in their regions and serving as hosts for regional events and activities sponsored by ACCCA.  Such events shall be facilitated and initiated by the region, and supported by ACCCA.

The RMC will confer as needed with their region’s Campus Contacts to obtain polling data, input and feedback regarding advocacy issues and positons or opinions on the development of professional development program design or implementation.  Council members may also seek input about the value of certain member benefits or services to assist ACCCA in curating member benefits to meet the needs of members.


The Chair of the Regional Council shall be selected from among the Association’s members and confirmed by the Board to serve a one-year term and they may be re-appointed.  The Executive Director of ACCCA and such other members of the Board or their designees shall serve in an ex-officio capacity of the Regional Council (non-voting) as necessary to achieve its purpose.  The Council shall meet at least quarterly and agendas for each meeting shall be made widely available in advance.

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