Legislative Bills Report

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2020-21 May Revision Joint Analysis

As the legislative process progresses, we will continue to update this page with the bills that the CFLA has taken a stand on to support, watch or oppose.

AB 2101 Retirement Coalition Support Letter 

AB 1856 (Medina)
Title: Community Colleges - Part-time Employees
Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee - Suspense File
Position: Oppose

Summary: This bill would increase the maximum amount of instructional hours that a part-time community college faculty member could teach at a community college from the range of 60-67% of a full-time equivalent load to 80-85%. The bill would prohibit the community college district (CCD) from restricting the terms of the negotiated agreement to less than that range, unless explicitly agreed upon by an individual part-time, temporary faculty member and the district. The bill would require the CCD to commence the negotiation of these terms no later than the expiration of any negotiated agreement in effect on January 1, 2023, and for any CCD that does not have a collective bargaining agreement in effect as of January 1, 2023, upon the effective date of the bill.

ACCCA Letter of Opposition

SB 457 (Portantino)
Title: Public Employee Retirement Systems: Investment Portfolios: Divestment from Turkey
Status: Assembly Public Employment and Retirement Committee
Position: Oppose

Summary: This bill would restructure the existing pooled state pension systems by requiring CalSTRS and CalPERS to provide separate, alternative investment portfolios to employers that wish to elect an investment portfolio that does not contain investments issued or owned by the government of the Republic of Turkey.

SSC Comment: ACCCA opposes this bill and has signed on to a coalition opposition letter because the measure would splinter the CalSTRS and CalPERS pension funds in an unprecedented way that would undermine the state’s buy-down of employer pension rates, create potential liability for employers based on portfolio choice, and sets a precedent that invites further splintering of our pension systems for future political issues.

Letter of Opposition

AB 1505 (Rodriguez)
Title: Community Colleges: Full-Time Faculty Obligation
Status: Senate Education Committee
Position: Oppose

Summary: This bill would require the Board of Governors to adopt regulations that require the fall 2023 full-time faculty obligation for each community college district to be set to the actual full-time faculty number reported for fall 2022 and then annually adjusted.

AB 1187 (Irwin)
Title: Community Colleges: Tutoring
Status: Senate Education Committee
Position: Support

Summary: This bill would provide that supervised tutoring for all credit and noncredit courses, as authorized pursuant to regulations adopted by the Board of Governors (BOG) by July 31, 2023, is eligible for state apportionment funding.

SCC Comment: ACCCA has supported this effort from Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin (D-Thousand Oaks) over the past several years. 

AB 102 (Holden)
Title: Pupil Attendance at Community Colleges: College and Career Access Pathways Partnerships: County Offices of Education
Status: Senate Education Committee
Position: Support

Summary: This bill would eliminate the 2027 sunset date for College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) partnerships, effectively allowing dual enrollment programs to continue indefinitely. The bill would also allow county offices of education to participate in CCAP partnerships, which would provide students in juvenile court schools access to dual enrollment programs.

AB 1667 (Cooper)
Title: State Teachers’ Retirement System: Administration
Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee - Suspense File
Position: Support

Summary: Current law authorizes the California State Teachers’ Retirement System Board to audit, or request to audit, the records of any public agency as often as it deems necessary. This bill would prescribe various requirements and duties in connection with audits of public agencies by the board. The bill would require the board to provide written notice of an intended audit to the affected public agency and to the exclusive representative of the members affected by the audit. The bill would require this notice to apprise the public agency and the exclusive representative of the purpose and scope of the intended audit. The bill would also require the public agency to provide information requested by the board or its designee in a timely manner and, at that time, to also provide the information to the exclusive representative of the members affected by the audit.

Letter of Support

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