Affiliate Summit

As the 2013 year dawns, community colleges in California are once again at a definitive crossroads.  The full impact of new Student Success initiatives have yet to be felt or even fully interpreted, and even though the recent Prop 30 success will not result in any windfall of new funding, various special interests are still insisting on using its passage as reason to grow.  

We’re seeing various interpretations of regulation changes and best practices being played out in professional development settings and at meetings across the spectrum, as well as critical decisions being made in Sacramento that may result in unintended consequences down the road.  With all this uncertainty, we believe it would be very helpful to know exactly where our administrative affiliate colleagues stand on some of these key issues, and what these groups are advocating on behalf of their constituents and why.  

To facilitate this conversation, ACCCA initiated the inaugural summit of key administrative groups and this year's annual conference.  The ACCCA Affiliate Summit is intended to become the forum to bring together each of the seven recognized administrative member groups to address issues of concern about the system as we move forward. 

The following organizations each committed to sending their designated representative to participate in this critical discussion: ACCCA, ACBO, CEOCCC, ACHRO-EEO, CIOs, CSSOs, CCPRO, and RP Group. The panel of experts was selected for their ability to contribute information in the areas of legal implications; regulatory and procedural clarification; legislative background; issues of accreditation; system history; issues related to research, planning and data.

Each of the seven representative organizations was provided with 6 to 8 vetted discussion topics for their consideration in advance of the summit to allow time for data gathering and conferring with their boards and constituents.

The goal of the summit is to achieve a thoughtful, all-administrative perspective on critical areas going forward that will isolate those common themes we can all come together on and contribute to a greater understanding of each other’s position. The discussions are not over. To have a successful relationship, the lines of communication need to stay open. We anticipate another summit next year the conversations continuing throughtout the year leading up to 2014.

Special thanks to the 2013 Affiliate Summit panel of experts and representative groups:

John Didion Moderator:
John Didion

Executive Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and Educational Services
Rancho Santiago CCD
(and co-chair of ACCCA's Commission for Legislation & Advocacy)

Laura Shulkind Legal Representation:
Laura Shulkind

Liebert Cassidy Whitmore


Steven Bruckman Legal Representation:
Steven Bruckman

Executive Vice Chancellor
Legal Affairs & Internal Operations (CCCCO)

Scott Lay Regulatory & Procedural Representation:
Scott Lay

Community College League of California (CCLC)

Michelle Underwood Legislative Representation:
Michelle Underwood

Director, Legislative Services
School Services of California

Barbara Beno Accreditation Representation:
Barbara Beno

Executive Director
Accrediting Commission for Community & Junior Colleges (ACCJC)

Don Averill Historical Representation:
Don Averill

Vice President, PPL
Retired Member of the ACCCA Board


Arnold Bray Historical Representation:
Arnold Bray

Legislative Consultant (Retired)
School Services of California


Abe Ali Representing ACHRO:
Abe Ali

Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Kern CCD


Linda Beam Representing ACCCA:
Linda Beam

Vice President of Human Resources
El Camino College
(and 2012-13 President of the ACCCA Board)


Kathy Booth Representing The RP Group:
Kathy Booth

Executive Director


Pam Deegan Representing CIO's:
Pam Deegan

Vice President, Instructional Services
Mira Costa CCD
(and CIO Board Designee)


Bonnie Dowd Representing ACBO:
Bonnie Dowd

Executive Vice Chancellor, Business & Technology
San Diego CCD
(and President of the ACBO Board)


Dennis Bailey-Fougnier Representing CSSO:
Dennis Bailey-Fougnier

Vice President, Student Services
Cabrillo College
(and Board President of CSSO)


Tim Leong Representing CCPRO:
Tim Leong

Director of Communications
Contra Costa CCD
(and Vice President of CCPRO)


Cindy Miles Representing CEOs:
Cindy Miles

Grossmont-Cuyamaca CCD
(and Board President of CEOCCC)




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