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July 24-28, 2022
Irvine, CA

Consider joining our interest list for the 2022 cohort!

We are excited to bring you the only training program of its kind in California, ACCCA's Administration 101. In these unprecedented times, ACCCA is here to bring you the professional development that you need, RIGHT NOW, in a remote setting.

In this world of physical distancing, we had to really put our heads together to come up with a replacement for our signature program, Admin 101. We think you’ll find the same added value with unique twists to still build relationships and bond with fellow administrators.  This year’s Admin 101 program will be adjusted to bring you information and training that is applicable to your current reality. The virtual content for this program will be delivered over the course of two weeks. 

2021 Cohort Topics

Week/Day 1: Governance
Week/Day 2: Budget/Finance
Week/Day 3: Human Resources
Week/Day 4: DEI
Week/Day 5: Change Management
Week/Day 6: Group Project Presentation

Please note the policies around our selection process:

  • ACCCA can extend this training to 100 attendees.
  • All applicants to the Admin 101 program must go through a vetting process and be selected by a designated team of volunteers and staff based on criteria established by the Management Development Commission (MDC).
  • Priority registration will be granted to administrators, managers or supervisors who are relatively new to the college or to their administrative role in California.
  • A maximum of 5 attendees may be accepted into the program per college/district.
  • If a seat on the waiting list opens up due to a cancellation in the class, pre-vetted applicants will be chosen from the waiting list with priority granted to those colleges not currently represented on the list.
  • The waiting list will be managed from year to year by date of application submission.
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