Membership Criteria and Dues Structure

Regular membership or membership with full benefits is offered to all full-time administrative personnel of a college or district, including CEOs, Vice Presidents and Deans, Directors and all educational or classified managers and supervisors.

Membership dues are based on your salary range and may be paid annually or on a 10 or 12 month payroll deduction plan as follows:

Please note we will be changing our member dues effective July 1, 2020. 

Below is a table outlining the current dues and the new structure for all member types - annual, 10 month and 12 month payroll deductions.

You may make an optional contribution to the ACCCA-PAC, our political action committee by adding the amount to your annual payment or your monthly deduction amount, or by clicking here.

Associate Membership (membership without SASS benefits or voting rights), is available to part-time administrators or others who may be engaged in or consulting in a related capacity to community college administration. This also includes non-administrative personnel on a learning path to becoming an administrator. Associate member dues are $182 and are paid annually.

Retired Membership is offered to administrators who are retired from the system but want to retain their low-cost SASS benefits. Retired member dues are $130 and are paid annually.

Business Membership gives businesses, vendors and private companies an opportunity to participate in community college leadership and establish relationships with community college administrative decision makers. For more information about corporate membership, click here.

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