Executive Committee May 2, 2019

Executive Committee Meeting 
May 2, 2019
Dial in: 1-888-450-4821
PIN: 698622

  1. Budget Status Report [Susan] - March Financials
  2. COMMISSION/COMMITTEE UPDATES [Willy; Courtney; Kuldeep; Bonnie]
  3. New Board Member Orientation Status [Susan]
  4. Member Recruitment Visioning Session Recap: 1600 STRONG Campaign [Susan]
  5. Last Look: ACCCA annual member survey 2019 is going to members on Friday. Susan will discuss why are we asking what we’re asking, what we will do with the data, and how you should help [see attached DRAFT survey]
  6. Proposed Board Manual Revision: Board Role and Responsibility: Member Recruitment Expectation [see attached DRAFT language]
  7. June Meeting Agenda Review/Discussion [DRAFT agenda]
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