September 25, 2015 Board Meeting

Friday, September 25, 2015
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Video Conference Locations:
North: Sacramento/ACCCA Office 3rd Floor Conference Room
South: El Camino College - Admin Building Room 131


Call in Option:
PIN: 495362


9:30 a.m.    Coffee & Conversation

10:00 a.m.    Call to Order

I.    Agenda Review: (Jeanie Nishime, Immediate Past President)

a.    Agenda Review

i.    Items from the Floor
ii.    Review of supporting documents

II.   Action Items:

a.    Minutes of the June Meeting
b.    Final Draft of the Strategic Planning document/Regular Update Process, Activity Timeline for Strategic Plan
c.    Final Draft of the Association Directory for 2015-16
d.    Final Draft of the Association Calendar for 2015-16
e.    2015-16 Proposed Budget
f.    Task Force/Work Group Representation (appointments)

III.  Finance, Legislation and Advocacy: (T. Greene/J. Didion Co-Chairs)

a.   Report of the Advocate (Michelle McKay-Underwood)

i.    Signed/Pending Legislation (Legislative Update, CFLA Bills Report)
ii.   Budget Negotiations/Issues (2016-17 System Budget Request, August General Fund Revenues Tracking Forecast)
iii.  Emerging/Current Policy Issues (Proposal Prop 30 Extension, Second Proposition Prop 30 Extension, Friedrich's Issue, State Legislative Program & Task Force, Facilities Bond Initiative)

1.    DISCUSSION: Accreditation Task Force Report/ACCCA Response, Memo to Field: Special Meeting, "Burning Down the House"

b.   ACCCA PAC Report (Thomas Greene)

c.   Consultation Report (Jeanie Nishime)

d.   Chancellor’s Office EEO/Diversity Committee (Susan Bray)

12:00 p.m.    Break for Lunch/Networking

12:30 p.m.    Meeting Resumes

IV.  Professional Development (L. Beam/A. Spor, Co-Chairs & C. Clark, Coordinator)

a.  Objectives/Activities Report & Discussion

i.    Annual Recognition Program (K. Tarrant/S. Bray)
ii.  Pathway for Certification
iii. One Day Workshops
iv. CEO Coaching Program & Emerging Programs Report, CEO Development Pathway Diagram (D. Houston)

b.  Event Reports (Content/Speakers/Partners/Volunteer Activities/Budgets) ACCCA Future Events

i.   Admin 101 Event Report
ii.  January Budget Workshop Planning
iii. Annual Conference Planning, Conference Ideas from Board
iv. Great Deans Progress Report

c.  Affiliate Event Reports

i.   ACBO Events
ii.  ACHRO Events
iii. IEPI Events

V.    ACCCA Committee & Affiliate Reports:

a.  Executive Committee Report (R. Taylor, Chair)

i. Committee Roster, Schedule & Operating Rules (Meeting Minutes August 2015)

b.  Finance Committee Report (Thomas Greene, Chair)

i.   Committee Roster, Schedule & Operating Rules
ii.  End of Year/June Report
iii. July/August Cash Flow
iv. ACBO MOU Review and Discussion

c.  Nominating Committee Report (Rose DelGaudio, Chair)

i.  Committee Roster, Schedule & Operating Rules

d.  Policy & Procedures Committee (Susan Bray, Chair)

i.  Committee Roster, Schedule & Operating Rules
ii. Draft Manual Progress Report

VI.    Association Operations:

a.  Association Management

i.  Human Resources/Staffing
ii. Facilities/Equipment

b.  Membership Services & Benefits (Outstanding Annuals)

i. Regional Rep Council

1. Proposed structure, operation, rules

c.  Affiliate Outreach/Engagement/Planned Presentations*

i.     CCFC Fall Conference (September 15-16/Sacramento)
ii.    RP Group Strengthening Student Success (October 7-9/Oakland)*
iii.   ACBO Fall Conference (October 26-28/Redondo Beach)*
iv.   ACHRO Conference (October 28-30/San Diego)*
v.   CCLC Convention (November 19-21/San Francisco)*
vi.  Trustees Conference (April)
vii. CEO Conference (Spring)

d.    Communications/Editorial Board Report (P. Marcotte Co-Chairs)

i.   Editorial Board Operations/Organizing Meeting
ii.  2014-15 Annual Report Edition
iii. 2015-16 Membership Materials/Communication/PR

VII.     From the Floor

ACCCA develops and supports current and future California community college administrators through
professional development, networking and advocacy.
Association of California Community College Administrators | PO Box 1017, Sacramento, CA 95812-1017
Tel: (916) 443-3559 | Email: