September 21 Board Meeting

Friday, September 21, 2012
Video Conference Locations:
Sacramento (ACCCA Office-1531 I Street, Suite 200, Sacramento)
El Camino College (16700 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance)
Irvine Valley College (5500 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine)


Meeting Agenda

1.         Consent Agenda                                                       

a.         June 2012 Board Retreat Minutes          

b.         Updated Calendar of Events*          

c.         Updated Association Directory*          


2.         Report of the Management Development Commission          

a.         Admin 101 Debriefing and Event Report (Beam/Bray)*

b.         Updated Event Profiles & Planning Status (Bray/Newell)

          --2013 January Budget Workshop (Sacramento)*          

          --2013 Annual Conference (Monterey)*          

          --2013 Admin 101 (Irvine)*          

          --Admin 201 Program Review Project          

          --Emerging Program:  Freshman Class          

          --Emerging Program:  Dean’s Academy          

          --Mentor Program          

          -- Speaker Options

          --  2014 Hotel Rate & Concessions Chart

          -- 2015 Hotel Rate & Concessions Chart

3.         Report of the Commission for Legislation & Advocacy          

a.         Status of the Legislative Agenda (Didion/Delgaudio)          

b.         Report on Legislation & Budget                                           

c.         Affiliate Summit Concept (Didion/Bray)*                            

d.         Pension Reform Status (Averill/Vickers/Didion)    

e.         Proposition 30 Impact

f.         Press Release on Prop 30 


4.         Report of the Communications Oversight Commission          

a.         Editorial Calendar                                                                

b.         Review of the Website and Social Media Sites (Tafoya)       

c.         Event Marketing and Recruitment Activities                         

d.         Advertising (web and newsletter)*                                       


5.         Operations Report          

a.         Finance Committee Report (Nishime/Duncan/Bray)              

          --2011-12 Budget Outcomes/End of Year Financial Stmt*   

          --2012-13 Proposed Budget*                                                        

          --2012-13 Adjusted Salaries and Benefits-Staffing Review*    

          -- MFS    

b.         August 2012 Membership Report   

           -- Current/Potential Member List by District                         

c.         Affiliate & Public Relations Report (Bray)                             

          --ACBO Activities*          

          --ACHRO Request for Services*          

          --Affiliate Conference Sponsorships/Involvement*          

          --Professional Development Committee Workgroups

          -- Summary of Summit   


This meeting is scheduled to conclude by 2:00 p.m. and luncheon will be served at each site.

*Indicates that a document or documents related to this agenda item has or will be posted to the ACCCA Board Docs page of the web site.


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