2019 Board Ballot

Following are the brief biographical summaries and statements of candidacy of your peers who have chosen to run for the open positions on the ACCCA Board of Directors. Successfully elected candidates will represent you on the ACCCA Board of Directors for a term of three years.

Please review all candidates and make your selection in each category of the ballot or use the space provided to write in your own candidate.

Be sure to scroll through the entire ballot and click "Submit" at the end to make your vote count. Please note that there are 2 At-Large seats on the board. Please vote for 2 At-Large candidates!

Voting will be open through Monday, April 22nd at 5pm.

Election results will be announced the first week of May. Newly elected ACCCA Board Members will take their seats at the annual board retreat in Sacramento in June.

Representing Chief Executive Officer ACCCA Members

Glenn Roquemore - President - Irvine Valley College

Biographical Sketch:

Glenn has held the position of President of Irvine Valley College (IVC) for 17 years. His total time at IVC is currently 28 years. During his tenure at IVC, he has held the positions of tenured faculty, Dean of Institutional Technology, Provost of the Advanced Technology and Education Park (concurrently with IVC CEO), Vice President of Instruction, and Interim Vice president of Student Services.

Glenn led the effort to obtain their Asian American, Native American, and Pacific Islander Serving Institution designation. He also had the honor of leading the college in the AACC Guided Pathway Institutes. IVC was chosen out of 300 applicants and one of three in California. Glenn currently serves on the Orange County Business Council Board and lead the Community College Working Group under the Workforce Development Committee, and serves on the United Way UpSkill OC Advisory Council.

Statement of Candidacy:

"I have enjoyed my 28-year career with Irvine Valley College (IVC) and serving as the IVC President for the past 17 years. During my tenure at IVC, I have held the positions of full time faculty, Dean of Institutional Technology, Vice President for Instruction, Provost of the Advanced Technology and Education Park (concurrently with IVC CEO assignment), and Interim Vice President for Student Services. 

I am interested in serving on the ACCCA Board to have a part in shaping our community colleges with students at the heart of our design. I hold an AA degree from Porterville College and carry a keen understanding of the student experience including academic and non-academic barriers. Today, our system is experiencing rapid and significant change. New budget formulas, accountability, student equity, homelessness and food insecurities, and returning veterans, are just a few of today’s challenges. I have always admired what the ACCCA Board has accomplished through advocacy and legislation. I would very much like to join the team to make a difference."

CEO Category:

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CEO Write-In Candidate:

Representing Administrative Services ACCCA Members

Charlie Ng - Vice President of Human Resources - MiraCosta College

Biographical Sketch:

Charlie Ng is currently the Vice President of Human Resources for MiraCosta College (Oceanside, CA) where he has served since 2013. He has over 20 years of experience with higher education institutions in California including serving 6 years at the Associated Student UCLA, 3 years at Los Angeles Pierce College, and 8 years at the San Bernardino Community College. Mr. Ng serves as a Board member for the Association for California Community Colleges Administrators (ACCCA) including ACCCA’s Commission on Finance and Legislative Advocacy.  Mr. Ng serves as a Board member alternate for the Schools Excess Liability Fund, and as a committee member on the San Diego County Treasury Oversight Committee. 

Mr. Ng has facilitated strategic plans for MiraCosta College, the San Bernardino Community College District, Crafton Hills College, and the Crafton Hills College Foundation. Mr. Ng has also led two community college districts in receiving the Government Finance Officers Association Distinguished Budget Presentation Award.

Mr. Ng possesses a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from San Diego State University, an MBA from the University of Redlands, a master's degree in advanced management from the Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University, and a graduate certificate in negotiations and dispute resolution from the Werner Institute at Creighton University’s School of Law.

Statement of Candidacy:

"It is with great passion and enthusiasm that I run for the opportunity to serve on the ACCCA Board. My interest in serving on the ACCCA Board begins from having worked in the private sector where quality training and professional development for management was “part of the job,” a means to becoming a true professional, to develop organizational capacity, and for the organization to develop a competitive edge. I have often wondered why this perspective is not often shared in higher education. Why doesn’t the culture of higher education do more quality training and professional development for administrators when that’s what we do for our students? 

Additionally, my interest in serving on the ACCCA Board stems from my personal situation where my CalSTRS eligibility came into question a few years ago. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to contribute in the development of Admin 201 for the past two years as well as serving on ACCCA’s Commission for Finance and Legislative Advocacy that helped advocate for AB 963 that resolved questions surrounding CalSTRS eligibility, that was ultimately approved by the Governor 4 years ago.

I believe I can make a contribution to help ACCCA remain relevant and vital for community college administrators.  If elected to the ACCCA Board, I promise to bring a deep commitment in contributing to the work of ACCCA as it moves forward to develop energetic and effective training and professional development opportunities, and advocate for California community college administrators."

Jeannine Stokes - Chief  Human Resources Officer - Mt. San Jacinto College

Biographical Sketch:

"I have thirty (30) years of experience in Human Resources twenty-five (25) years in private sector and six (6) years in education.  During this period, I have developed and refined my skills in many areas including, bargaining unit negotiations, counseling, recruitment, placement, management, outplacement, professional development, and training.  I am hard working and dedicated, while highly experienced in all aspects of human resources, I am familiar with the state, federal practices, and protocols.  I have worked with a large diverse employee population and am committed to seeing employees reach their peak potential.

I have recently become the Chief Human Resources Officer for Mt. San Jacinto College in November of 2018. I have also completed the ACHRO HR Leadership Academy in 2016, ACCCA Mentor Program in 2017 as well as ADMIN 201 in 2017. In addition, I serve as the Secretary/Treasurer for ACHRO."

Statement of Candidacy:

"I would be honored to have the opportunity to stand for election to the ACCCA Board.  I hope to apply my wide range of experience and knowledge of 30 years in Human Resources in private and public sector.  I will always be eager to collaborate with colleagues to ensure our efforts will be organized and responsive to the needs of our members.

Aside from being an active ACHRO/EEO and ACCCA member for the last 6 years.  Over my seven years in the community college system, I have served on numerous committees, established many connections and have demonstrated a strong commitment to ACCCA.  There are a number of changes coming: from the US Supreme Court ruling including the new Title IX laws.  If elected I commit to identifying resources and/or training that will help us navigate the changing landscape of Human Resource and the Community College community. 

I am highly motivated and possess an ability to overcome challenges.  In short, I know that this program would be an excellent addition to my growth and development with the community college system as well as my new role as Chief Human Resources Officer."

Administrative Services Category:

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Administrative Services Write-In Candidate:

Representing Academic/Instructional Services ACCCA Members:


Jim Lancaster - Vice President of Academic Affairs - Los Angeles City College

Biographical Sketch:

"After graduating with my AS in Automotive Technology: General Motors Specialization from Cerritos College I worked in the automotive service and repair industry as a Master Chevrolet Technician. After a few years, I found myself back at Cerritos College as an adjunct faculty member and Advanced Transportation Center Project Coordinator. After catching the bug for facilitating student learning I landed at Citrus College where I taught full-time for eight years and held several faculty leadership roles, including president of the faculty association. As I took on more leadership as a faculty member I found myself interested in, and others encouraging me to take, a formal role in administrative leadership.

Since August 2017, I have been a Vice President of Academic Affairs in the Los Angeles Community College District, now serving at Los Angeles City College and previously at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. Prior to that I was the Dean of Curriculum, Career/Technical, and Continuing Education at Citrus College for nine years.

In addition to my AS degree from Cerritos, I hold a Bachelor's degree in Vocational Education from CSULB, a MA in Industrial and Technical Studies from CSULA, and an Ed.D in Educational Leadership: Community College Specialization from CSUF. I returned to the classroom to teach part-time in CSUF's Master's of Higher Education program for two years and completed a two-year appointment as the 28 community college Los Angeles/Orange County Regional Consortium coordinator. This month, I published a research article in the Community College Review on student engagement in community college classrooms. Often considered a curriculum wonk by peers, my specialty is program and curriculum development anchored in a pragmatic behaviorist methodology."

Statement of Candidacy:

"I am seeking the open CIO seat on the ACCCA Board of Directors. I have over twenty years of community college experience, as faculty member and administrator. I graduated with my associate degree from Cerritos College and later earned my bachelor’s, master’s and Ed.D degrees through the CSU system. I am currently the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Los Angeles City College. Prior to this role I served as the CIO at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, dean of academic affairs and faculty member at Citrus College.

Last year, I spent the afternoon with the Admin 101 group as part of a small panel talking about leading change during an initiative rich time. This year, I was a member of the Admin 201 ad hoc committee to review the materials for this summer’s course. I also had fun at the ACCCA conference presenting on leadership through a superhero lens. Yes, that was me carrying the Captain America shield through the conference hall while wearing Dr. Strange’s Eye of Agamotto.

I believe it critical to recognize the need for and to cultivate new leadership for a system in significant transformation, especially as it relates to instructional matters. I enjoy working with new administrators, particularly younger minds coming into the system with great ideas and different solutions necessary to maintain relevancy with a new generation of learners and in a dynamic economy. I see it as paramount to ensure their ideas and solutions are not dismissed as undoable, but instead to provide support and guidance to successfully navigate the structures and systems in place. In short, we must ensure California Community Colleges are positioned for future success and to develop the essential leadership as we move forward, this is why I am seeking a seat on the ACCCA Board.  I respectfully ask for your vote. Thank you!"

Jennifer Zellet, Ph.D. - Vice President of Instruction - Modesto Junior College

Biographical Sketch:

"I completed my graduate work, MLitt in Scottish and Irish Studies and PhD in English, at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, UK. I came to Modesto Junior College in 2008 as English faculty, in 2014 became dean of Business, Behavioral and Social Sciences, and in April of 2017 became Vice President of Instruction. Prior to MJC, I served as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Rochester College in Rochester Hills, MI for four years, and the previous six as English faculty. My experiences in Higher Education span states, even countries, and I have worked in public and private institutions, 4-year and 2-year institutions, and I have a combined experience of 15+ years in 2 Accreditation Systems (Higher Learning Commission, and ACCJC).

Currently, I am Vice President of Instruction at Modesto Junior College, and though I am only 2 years into this post, there have been extreme experiences that have tested our leadership team and proven that our strategies and methods for leading are sound. I have led an amazing team of deans through a pump malfunction that took out our pool facilities and 4 instructional buildings during summer session, we have weathered a faculty strike, and closure for extreme smoke exposure during the Camp Fire. All of this happened in a time when we had no permanent president. Looking back over the past year, acknowledging the capacity that I have personally developed and that has been strategically fostered in the dean team I serve, I humbly realize that I have something to offer my colleagues at the state level."

Statement of Candidacy:

"Early in my leadership journey in CCC’s, I became a member of ACCCA, and I participated in Admin 101 in its first year. That experience grounded me in a group of colleagues with whom I remain in contact, and ACCCA has provided the most valuable and consistent training for the posts I have held, and these experiences began my interest in serving with the ACCCA leadership team.

I have always been the kind of person to pay forward when I experience growth and gain. Given that, I ask to work with the ACCCA Board and bring my varied experiences in higher education to the leadership conversation. I can bring to the table a creative lens into team development, leadership education, empowerment of leaders, and mastery of ever-changing technicalities in our system. It is a humbling experience asking a group such as this to be on the leadership team, for any of us by virtue of our posts have already proven leadership ability. I am eager to serve, and I look forward to continuing our leadership journey together."

CIO Category:

Clear Selection
CIO Write-In Candidate:

Representing Student Services ACCCA Members:

Lonita Cordova - Dean of Equity and Student Success - Merced Community College

Biographical Sketch:

"I am currently the Dean of Student Equity and Success at Merced Community College. I am currently an affiliate of ACCCA and have attended the Mentor 101 and Admin 101 programs. I believe that my experience as an ACCCA mentee and member qualifies me for a seat on the ACCCA board. I believe in the ACCCA programs and promote the association at every opportunity. My experience as the Dean of Student Equity and Success I plan and coordinate equity events that are innovative and create learning opportunities for faculty, classified professionals and students. My academic and military experience, and my education, have helped me develop a holistic, collaborative approach to planning and implementing programs in a dynamic environment.

As the current Dean of Student Equity and Success I have both instructional and student services oversight, which includes interdisciplinary courses that are offered in collaboration with the Dean of Student Services as dual enrollment and on-campus classes. The First-Year Seminar and Strategies for College Success courses allow faculty, campus wide, to teach students metacognitive skills and strategies for success, which supports the Guided Pathways framework. Since joining the California Community College system, I have continued to develop my leadership skills and conceptual mastery of areas across functional areas. I have taught counseling and psychology classes with California State University, Stanislaus and San Joaquin Delta College that allowed me to develop curriculum and plan classes that support student equity.  As a result, I feel I combine technical, instructional, and student services skills that have prepared me for a variety of tasks and responsibilities. As a first generation college student, veteran, and student services advocate, it is my belief that I would be a great addition to the ACCCA board and team."

Statement of Candidacy:

"ACCCA has provided me with the tools to improve my leadership style and networking opportunities. I have participated in the Mentor 101 and Admin 101 programs and believe in the need for engaging professional opportunities.  My educational experiences include having a Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis in Higher Education and being licensed as a Professional Clinical Counselor. I have taught counseling and psychology classes with California State University, Stanislaus and San Joaquin Delta College, which allowed me to develop curriculum and plan classes that support student equity.

It would be my honor to be a part of the ACCCA board to participate in the planning of professional development and support the growth of administrators in the state of California Community College system. As a veteran and first generation college graduate, I believe in mentorship. It is my experience that leadership, development, and professional support has allowed me to develop into a transformative leader and I would like to share those skills with other professionals. Serving in the United States Navy allowed me to live in Europe for eight years, which exposed me to many different cultures and people of diverse backgrounds. It laid the foundation for my ability to relate to people from all lifestyles.  As a counselor and clinician, I believe in introspection, self-care, and personal growth, which are also important attributes of professional development. It would be my great pleasure to be given the opportunity to participate and share theses skills with others as an ACCCA board member."

Sean Hancock - Vice Chancellor, Student & Institutional Success - Grossmont-Cuyamaca CCD

Biographical Sketch:

"It is with a great deal of enthusiasm that I nominate myself for candidacy in the upcoming election for the ACCCA Board of Directors.  I currently hold the position of vice chancellor, student and institutional success at Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District.  In this role, I am responsible for coordinating districtwide educational services to promote student success and overseeing the District Services departments of Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness; Information Technology Services; and Community and Workforce Development.  My new post is really about building and maintaining relationships, both internally and externally, and working to facilitate programs and services that will benefit student success districtwide.

Prior to accepting my current role in August of 2018, I served as the vice president of instruction and student services for Palo Verde College, fulfilling the role of chief instructional officer and chief student services officer for the college and district for just over four years.  My leadership experience expands well beyond the past 5 years at a California community college, having served as the director/CEO of San Joaquin Valley College’s Modesto, CA campus (private junior college) for over 10 years, establishing that campus within the community from the ground up.

Throughout my experience in higher education, I have engaged within the communities I serve, as well as with organizations that support the work we are all engaged in.  I have benefited greatly from my membership with ACCCA, having participated in Admin 101, Admin 201 Transformational Leadership, and the ACCCA Mentor Program, each having contributed to my professional growth, and reinforcing my commitment to the empowering the lives of those we serve through education.  Given that my role has been to serve as both CIO and CSSO at my two most recent institutions, I have regularly attended these association’s conferences, and participate in regional events and meetings.  I have been a Rotary member, a Modesto Chamber of Commerce Education Committee Member, and a member of the Stanislaus Economic Development and Workforce Alliance Education Steering Committee.  I am currently one of the 40 chosen as a 2018-2019 Aspen Presidential Fellow for Community College Excellence – a national leadership program aimed at preparing the next generation of community college presidents."

Statement of Candidacy:

"California community college leaders are juggling multiple roles and responsibilities while navigating complex relationships with both internal and external constituency groups, during a time when we are being called upon to lead transformative change within our institutions. As we take on the responsibility for social and economic mobility for all of whom we serve, we must provide support to our administrators, those at the helm of what might be remembered as one of the most pivotal times in our system’s history. This is the role of the Association of California Community College Administrators (ACCCA).  ACCCA goes far beyond its commitment to provide professional development, networking, and support, in that participation in its many offerings affords us a comradery and a toolset to help us overcome the challenges that inevitably arise with monumental change. 

I am a proud beneficiary of the programs and services provided by ACCCA. I have participated in the Association’s Admin 101 program, Dinner with a Leader, the Admin 201 Transformational Leadership program, and the Mentor Program. These programs have been vital given my role as both chief instructional officer and chief student services officer when serving as vice president of instruction and student services for Palo Verde College, and now as vice chancellor, student and institutional success at Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District. Throughout my 20 years’ experience in higher education in California, I have acquired an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing our institutions and our communities. As a member of the ACCCA Board of Directors, I would be honored to share my experience in an effort to preserve the charge of ACCCA, while looking for new ways to serve leadership during this time of extraordinary change."

CSSO Category:

Clear Selection
CSSO Write-In Candidate:

At-Large Candidates #1:

Erik Cooper - Dean of Planning, Research and Resource Development - Sierra College

Biographical Sketch:

"I am currently the Dean of Planning, Research, and Resource Development at Sierra College. I’ve previously worked at Yuba College as the Director of Planning, Research, and Student Success.  At both colleges, I’ve directly overseen institutional research and institutional effectiveness functions. Until December 2017, part of my responsibilities at Sierra College involved overseeing the Staff Development Office. I work regularly with multiple offices on campus, such as Testing and Assessment, to implement policies and procedures and serve as a resource to numerous committees, workgroups, and taskforces. I’m currently working with our VP of Administrative Services to forecast the implications of the Success Component of the Student Centered Funding Formula.

I am currently serving as the Accreditation Liaison Officer for Sierra College overseeing the collaborative process of writing our next ISER. I was also involved in writing the 2012 ISER at Yuba College and 2013 ISER for Sierra College. I have been a visiting team member for multiple accreditation site visits, both under the old regime at ACCJC and the current administration. 

I am currently an RP Group Board member, first elected as an At-large member in 2013, and have served on multiple committees and the executive board. I’ve been on the RP Conference planning committee since 2011 and function as the Sacramento and Far-North Regional RP Coordinator. In addition to the RP Group, I was a member of the CCCCO Assessment workgroup for several years, served as Assessment Coordinators appointee to the Common Assessment Initiative Advisory group and eventually one of the co-chairs for that body. In 2018, I was appointed to the AB 705 Implement Committee. "

Statement of Candidacy:

"Every one of us is seeing the rapid change of in the college environment—from changes to how we’re funded to implementing systemic change via guided pathways models. ACCCA is one of the few organizations that brings administrators across the community colleges together into a common group. That common bond allows ACCCA to provide training and leadership in areas where we all need help.

I work at Sierra College as the Dean of Planning, Research, and Resource Development. I am the Accreditation Liaison Officer for our next site visit. Until 2018, I oversaw our Staff Development Office, which included participation in developing our convocations, numerous FLEX activities, and helping facilitate a new employee orientation program.  Prior to Sierra, I spent time at Yuba College and Western Washington University. I am currently a board member for the RP Group and have served on the RP Conference Committee, Chair of the Research Advisory Committee, and help run the Sacramento Regional RP Group.  I’ve served on several CCCCO committees and taskforces, such as the Assessment Workgroup, Common Assessment Initiative Advisory Committee—including time as co-chair, and on the AB 705 Implementation Workgroup. 

I am interested in serving on the ACCCA board, in serving you, because ACCCA is positioned to help make us all stronger. We need the expertise of as many different groups of people, so that we can provide the best training, best analysis, and best advocacy for ourselves and our colleges. I believe my experiences with other statewide groups, at colleges, and serving on statewide committees give me the experience to help make ACCCA stronger."

Wyman Fong - Vice Chancellor, Human Resources - Chabot-Las Positas CCD

Biographical Sketch:

Wyman M. Fong currently serves as Vice Chancellor of Human Resources for the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District.  As Vice Chancellor for a multi-college district, he is responsible for the administration of human resource functions including but not limited to Equal Employment, Unlawful Discrimination, Employee and Labor Relations, Contract Negotiations, Training, and Organizational Development.  

Wyman holds a Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies from California State University, East Bay, and a Master of Science in Human Resources Management from Golden Gate University. 

Wyman was previously elected by his peers to serve two terms as President of the Association of Chief Human Resource Officers for California Community Colleges, and his efforts and contributions in the field of human resources have been acknowledged by the California State Legislature. Wyman was also the recipient of the 2015 Award for Progress in Diversity from the Association of California Community College Administrators (ACCCA) which supports all administrators of California's 114 community college campuses. In 2016, Wyman was elected to serve on the ACCCA board, and will conclude his term this fiscal year.

Finally, Wyman is deeply involved with Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education (APAHE), and LEAP Advance which is a long-standing partnership between APAHE and Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics (LEAP). Serving on the APAHE board since 2007, and volunteering every year for LEAP Advance for nearly a decade now, Wyman is passionate about the individual and collective efforts to mentor and support others.

Statement of Candidacy:

"Thank you for considering my candidacy as a member of the ACCCA Board.  I have been with our community college system for over 20 years and currently serve as Vice Chancellor of Human Resources for the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District.  In addition to my “day” job, I continually serve on various committees and boards with a commitment to help develop, prepare, and support our very own future leaders. This is the primary reason I am running for the ACCCA board.

I have served as President of the Association of Chief Human Resource Officers/Equal Employment Officers (ACHRO/EEO) and continue to assist ACHRO/EEO with its human resources training programs to also promote from within. I also currently serve as a member of the ACCCA Board and assigned to the ACCCA conference planning committee, as well as its board policy committee.

In 2015, I was honored to be nominated by my colleagues and friends to be the recipient of the ACCCA Award for Progress in Diversity. Additionally, I also serve as a member of the Board of Directors for Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education (APAHE) and also volunteer annually as faculty for the Leadership Development Program in Higher Education housed at Cal Poly Pomona.

Finally, I care about our educational system and am a stanch advocate for our diverse needs.  I would be honored to continue to serve as your ACCCA representative and thank you for taking the time to consider my candidacy."

At-Large Category:

Clear Selection
At-Large Write-In Candidate:

At-Large Candidates #2:

Scott Conrad - Senior Director of Information Technology - Santa Rosa Junior College

Biographical Sketch:

Dr. Scott Conrad has been the Senior Director of Information Technology at the Santa Rosa Junior College for the past 9 years.  He has been an active ACCCA member since 2010, completed the ACCCA executive leadership mentorship program in 2011 and served on the CFLA Committee 2016-Date. He also serves on the board of CISOA (2015-Date). In 2018 he presented at the ACCCA Conference as part of a panel on the challenges of implementing guided pathways and the potential value of a common ERP system for the CCCs. At the SRJC Scott was part of the successful 2016 SRJC accreditation team, leading the development of IIIC.  At the SRJC he co-leads the Institutional Technology Group, which creates the District technology plan and manages the budget for bond spending on technology.  He was part of the District Strategic Plan executive committee and the 2014 $410M Measure H bond campaign approved by the voters, including $80M in funding for new technology.

Dr. Conrad earned his Ed. D. while working full time through Chapman/Brandman and did his thesis work on recommended best practices and mitigation for successful adoption of the CCC statewide OEI learning management system. Dr. Conrad worked in the private sector for 30 years in Engineering and Software project management for HP and several startups in addition to teaching as an adjunct instructor at night for Golden Gate University prior to joining SRJC. At HP, Dr. Conrad was involved in six sigma quality reviews and ISO 9000 quality business process audits Y2K Program Manager, Oracle ERP, Global Test Software Development Program Manager and Custom IC Software Test Program Management. Dr. Conrad has an Ed D in Organizational Leadership form Chapman University, MS in Engineering, Management of Technology from Walden University, MBA in Management Information Systems from the University of Minnesota and a BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Wisconsin.

Statement of Candidacy:

"I would like to serve on the ACCCA Board of Directors to be an advocate for continued improvement in the development and effectiveness of California Community College Administrators.  I have been serving on the ACCCA Commission for Finance, Legislation Advocacy (CFLA) the past three years and have learned the importance of advocating for legislative change to enable the CCCs to continue to effectively serve our students and staff. Now more than ever we need to have an effective voice in the transformational changes under way in the CCC system. I am also on the CISOA board and hope to be a bridge between our data needs and the CTO’s and IT Directors of the CCC system.

I am a lifelong learner, while working full time at SRJC, I completed my doctorate.  I started my doctoral journey as a result of the ACCCA mentoring program and the advice I received from the mentors we met with as part of the program.  I believe my effectiveness as a community college administrator has been enhanced by my membership in ACCCA and by participation in the mentoring program, CFLA committee, and networking opportunities ACCCA facilitates.  I would like to give back to ACCCA and my peers as a member of the Board of Directors.

In addition to my nine years of experience as the CTO/Sr. IT Director at SRJC, I have 30 years of non-community college experience as an Engineer and Engineering Manager in the private sector with HP and several startups in Silicon Valley.  I have worked as an adjunct instructor and seen first-hand the needs for educated workers from our community colleges as a hiring manager of many community college graduates.  As an administrator at SRJC I have seen the need for upgrading our business and student engagement processes to continue to improve student persistence and success. I look forward to serving on the ACCCA board with your support."

Irit Gat - Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences - Antelope Valley College

Biographical Sketch:

"Thank you for opportunity to submit my qualifications and reasons for running for the important position of Member at Large, Board of Directors for ACCCA.  I have extensive experience as both a college administrator and long-time member of the faculty.  As a new academic dean, I would bring a fresh perspective to the ACCCA board team.

Prior to this position for the last 8 months as the Academic Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the Antelope Valley College, I served as tenured faculty at The Antelope Valley College for 20 years and loved being in the classroom.  About five years ago I felt I wanted to be part of a different aspect of the college and decided to pursue leadership positions.

My experiences included:

  • Chair, Faculty Professional Development
  • Vice President Academic Senate
  • President Academic Senate
  • Department Chair
  • Serving on an ACCJC accreditation team
  • Served on numerous committees (Guided Pathways, SLO/PLO, Curriculum, etc)

These experiences were both challenging and rewarding in immense ways that I felt invigorated and saw myself develop personally and professionally in ways beyond the classroom. I have found that many of my experiences as a department chair are similar to those as an academic dean.  Thus, the qualifications I bring to this position as ACCCA Board of Directors, Member at Large, would be those “fresh” from my experiences as faculty and now as a new member of the administrative team.  I also bring my interpersonal strengths including an eagerness to learn, be a team player and contribute to the goals of the ACCCA organization."

Statement of Candidacy:

"The qualifications I bring to this position as an ACCCA Board of Directors, Member at Large, would be from my experiences as faculty for over twenty years and now as the Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, CA. The reason I want to serve on the board primarily stems from my interpersonal strengths including an eagerness to learn, be a team player and contribute to the goals of the ACCCA organization.  I am conscientious, hard-working and highly reliable. The strength of leadership stems from the group and I am eager to strengthen and contribute to the goals of ACCCA.  Leaders (ie, organizations) can never be satisfied with the status quo. No organization can remain static as everything else around them changes.  Progress and improving are key aspect of leadership and organizational responsibility and I am eager to be a part of this.  I recently attended the ACCCA conference in Palm Springs and was invigorated by the colleagues I met there and workshops.  I find administrators to be positive, student-oriented, “can do” individuals and this sparked my desire to be more involved and contribute. 

With your vote of confidence, I would like to focus on two of the primary goals ACCCA currently has.  The first is that of strengthening ACCCA membership, specifically  51% of all eligible administrators/managers will be members by 2021.  Some methods include providing programs and benefit services that are useful and also reaching out one-on-one. 

As a former faculty professional development leader on my campus, I would like to focus on mentoring programs and expansion of professional development that are accessible and relevant to administrators and managers. Overall, I look forward to working with the rest of the board to help in any way I can."

At-Large Category #2:

Clear Selection
At-Large Write-In Candidate #2:

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